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Laser Alignment

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“It is estimated that up to 50% of breakdowns in rotating machinery are caused by misalignment.”

Misalignment is a major risk and cost to production. It affects efficiency, safety and reliability of plant equipment. Extended machine reliability through laser alignment is a major factor in increasing profitability by producing quality products more efficiently, with less wastage, and at reduced maintenance costs.

Laser Alignment Equipment

Vibrotech use Fixturlaser equipment for all our Laser Alignment measurements and positioning.

Benefits of Shaft AlignmentSize
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Laser Alignment Services

As well as Shaft Alignments, Vibrotech also offer advanced Geometric Laser Alignments and Roll Parallel Measurements. Our comprehensive range of Laser Alignments and Measurements include:

  • Shaft Alignment - Horizontal & Vertical Shafts
  • Alignment Of Offset Machines - Cardan Shafts
  • Machine Train Alignments
  • Roll Parallelism
  • Bore Alignment
  • Extruders
  • Straightness Measurement
  • Flatness Measurement
  • Thermal Growth

Laser Alignment Reports

Result reporting is available for all of our Laser Measurement Services.

Sample Laser Alignment ReportsSize
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