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Sheave / Pulley Alignment Tool (PAT)

Pulley Alignment Issues!

Squealing, shaking, out-of-line belts and pulleys / sheaves are more than a nuisance. They're the cause of expensive downtime, increased vibration levels, shortened equipment life, and poor product quality. If these sound familiar, it's time to purchase a Sheave / Pulley Alignment Tool (PAT).

Benefits of Sheave / Pulley Alignment:

  • Reduces downtime
  • 2 lasers simplifies and speeds up alignment time
  • Extends belt and pulley life
  • Reduces vibration and belt noise
  • Minimises unscheduled stops

Why Use The Sheave / Pulley Alignment Tool (PAT)?

The Sheave / Pulley Alignment Tool is a simple and easy to use with no formal pulley alignment training required, there is also no need to remove the belts. By using the belt groove as reference, and the 2 lasers, the procedure becomes not only simple but also very accurate.

How Easy is The Sheave / Pulley Alignment Tool (PAT) to Use?

The system consists of two identical battery operated heads which are mounted onto the pulleys using extra strong magnets, a spring action probe with the appropriate belt groove 'V' then locates the heads and the belt groove together.

When the lasers are switched on, it will draw a line on the target labels and the pulley alignment tool will measure angular, parallel, and twist deviations simultaneously. With adjustments to the unit the correct position is achieved when the laser lines are aligned with the centre mark on the target labels. It's that simple!

The pulley alignment tool process is so simple no training is needed and only one person is required to carry out the pulley alignment tool procedure.

Summary Of The Advantages of the Sheave / Pulley Alignment Tool:

  • Accurate, measures from the pulley grooves where the belts operate
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Fast, one person operation
  • No need to remove the belts
  • Measures vertical angle, horizontal angle and offset simultaneously
Technical SpecificationSize
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This unit can be purchased in combination with the
Dirigo Shaft Alignment Tool.