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Oil Analysis Information

Engineers have traditionally considered vibration analysis to be the primary method for condition monitoring, whereas, oil and wear debris analysis is considered to be the sole province of the chemist. Lubricants should, however, be considered as much an integral part of a machine as any of its mechanical components and it must perform many vital functions over extended periods of operation.

By testing a sample of lubricant from the machine it is possible to measure the lubricant's ability to continue to perform its original function and also to obtain information on the operation and condition of the machine. There are now many references, which cite the efficiency of oil and wear debris analysis to detect equipment deterioration and damage prior to its detection by vibration analysis.

Many different tests are available to measure oil condition and oil contamination. Simple sensory tests, appearance, colour and odour may often be adequate. If however, these are unsatisfactory, supplementary tests must be made to determine whether the equipment or the lubricant is in a condition suitable for further service. Most of these tests use standard analytical procedures providing the data for the engineer, who is familiar with the equipment being monitored, to be able to resolve their significance.