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Oil Analysis Services


Vibrotech Reliability Services Limited has formed an alliance with an independent commercial laboratory which specialises in lubricant analysis services specific to condition monitoring and maintenance management programmes.

We can satisfy all your oil analysis requirements and submit a report in most formats to meet your needs. We can also support you on site with consultancy services, should you like us to recommend specific cleanliness levels for various applications and ways of achieving them.

The facilities are to the highest specification and offer a comprehensive oil analysis service to a wide spectra of industry. The laboratory is a certified laboratory on the JOAP, co-ordinated by the US Forces.

Research and development in the wide field of Tribology and Condition Monitoring have ensured an international reputation for the department of mechanical engineering for the last twenty-five years. Numerous patentable innovations have originated from this research school. The department is a recognised Centre of Excellence in the area of wear debris characterisation, through optical and computer simulation.

Education and training have been a major commitment of the staff with specialist training programmes being provided to specific customer requirements.

Over 600 engineers, chemists, physicists and laboratory technicians for example, have attended the annual Tribology Seminar; a comprehensive Tribology course which is supported by lectures from numerous internationally renowned practising Tribology experts. Several International Condition Monitoring Conferences have been held, each attracting over 200 international delegates and equipment exhibitors.

Service Requirements

Survey Items:

A site visit to determine the initial sampling programme is recommended. It is anticipated that as the history of each plant develops the analytical requirement and sample interval will be subject to review. (For example a critical hydraulic unit may require the additional protection provided by ISO particle counting)

Sample Collection:

Vibrotech Reliability Services Limited offer an ‘off-site’ service. Pre-labelled bottles can be provided for the standard lubricant analysis programme. Specially prepared bottles to ISO cleanliness standard levels for particle counting with pre-addressed packaging are available when required.

Sampling equipment (i.e. hand suction pumps and tubing) can also be provided. Instruction of sampling techniques is available on request.

Analytical Requirements:

The laboratory techniques are based on ASTM Standard methods. More information on the ‘Analysis Methods’ can be supplied on request.


Written Report:

A hard copy report is issued for every sample analysed; the report includes all analytical findings for the current sample with those of the previous five samples from the unit to display trends.

Diagnostics for the current sample stating any points of variance, suggested causes and recommended actions are also shown on the report.

Report Format:

The report format can, if required, be customised (e.g. unique header, change to field names, appending of additional test results).

Electronic Transfer:

Supplementary copies of the report may be sent on PC disk. The format is optional, ASCII as standard, others e.g. Dbase, Access, Excel are supplied by request. Optional E-mail and/or Modem transfers into customers systems are also available.

Critical Information:

Where serious variations from the norm are detected for any unit, the designated contact will be informed immediately by telephone or fax.

Response Times

ServiceResponse Time
Sample TestsNormally completed within 1 working day of receipt. Immediate testing by arrangement.
Hard Copy ReportsDispatched by first class post.
Critical UnitsGenerally identified and reported verbally within 1 working day
Site VisitsBy pre-arrangement
Telephone AdviceAvailable throughout the working week.