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Vibration Condition Monitoring

Vibration Condition Monitoring Services

By implementing our all-embracing Machine Reliability Program, failures, breakdowns and irreversible damage can be avoided. Vibrotech's Integrated Reliability and Machine Support packages, fronted by our Vibration Condition Monitoring programs will allow you to be proactive and in control of your maintenance program.

Vibration Condition Monitoring is designed to provide the power to reduce unscheduled downtime and get your plant operating at peak efficiency.

Vibrotech can assist you in achieving this goal.

What Is Vibration Condition Monitoring?

Techniques collectively referred to as Vibration Condition Monitoring have a common objective of indicating early signs of deterioration, or malfunction in plant machinery through surveillance testing and analysis. Vibration Condition Monitoring helps reduce the possibility of catastrophic failures, increasing safety and machine performance. Through Vibration Condition Monitoring machinery operation can be improved to an optimum level that can often exceed original equipment manufacturers specifications. There are many faults that cause machine failure, all are detectable and most are preventable. The most common causes of failure which can be identified are:


Bearing Failure

  • Bearing Failure
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Looseness - Mechanical/Structural
  • Drive Belts - Pulleys
  • Gearbox Faults
  • Electrical – Supply & Motor faults
  • Resonance

Who Is Qualified To Carry Out Vibration Condition Monitoring?

In the past and unfortunately to a certain extent today, any company can purchase Vibration Condition Monitoring equipment and say they do Vibration Condition Monitoring. This is why you have heard people say, "I have tried Condition monitoring and it doesn't work". Experience has proved it does work, the reason people believe it doesn't is they have used one of these companies. Most of the time these companies are part of national groups, who's speciality is repairing specific types of plant equipment.

Today there are various levels of PCN's available for company employees in which to gain accreditation. To progress through the VA1. VA2 & VA3 PCN levels you need to accumulate a required amount of experience, attend accredited training courses then pass professional examinations. All Vibrotech's vibration analysists have this experience, training and qualifications.

Why Do You Need A Certificate Of Competence In Vibration Condition Monitoring?

It identifies the individual's competence in condition based predictive maintenance. The qualification also facilitates compliance with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Systems for training & personal qualification.

Independent certification enhances confidence in competence.